Magic of Coconut Oil

When you grow up in a country like India, it is unlikely that you haven’t been exposed to coconut in some or the other form. Oiling my hair with coconut oil was a weekly chore.[…]

Pioneers in Women Empowerment

Today Google, India has created a doodle paying tribute to Dr. Rukhmabai Raut, India’s first Woman Physician to practice ‘Medicine’ in colonial India.  Not only is she  remembered for her work in Medicine but ,[…]

Yoga for Menstrual Cramps

It’s that time of the month. I’m once again immobilized due to severe cramps and discomfort. I’m cranky and easily irritated. I’m doing my best to stay calm and not scream at everyone I meet.[…]

My Life…My Money…My Plan

For ages, women have been doing fantastic job as home managers. However, when it comes to getting involved into Financial Decisions for household , they shy away and leave it to others to decide. In[…]


  Kamala is a 35 year old divorcee with a son, Shonak, who is  8 years old. She has gone thru lot of emotional turbulence during the process of separation and divorce. She got a[…]

The unseen suffering…

  Disclaimer: The names used in this article are hypothetical and the incidents stated are used purely for the purpose of understanding. Any resemblance of the said names or incidents in real life are purely[…]

Those days of …PMS

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is being experienced so commonly these days. In my Consulting Practice as Nutritionist, I come across so many women , who are so troubled by this recurrent condition , characterized by troublesome[…]