Ladies, it’s time to Bounce Back !!

Come March and the hustle and bustle of International Women’s day gets in the air. Everyone starts talking about how ‘great’ women are and how this ‘greatness’ should be celebrated. Invariably these are the establishments[…]

Pioneers in Women Empowerment

Today Google, India has created a doodle paying tribute to Dr. Rukhmabai Raut, India’s first Woman Physician to practice ‘Medicine’ in colonial India.  Not only is she  remembered for her work in Medicine but ,[…]

How to Participate in CapellaZen for your benefit?

Here we talk about various topics in four categories. Personal Finance (Affluence) Career Management (Independence) Legal Rights (Awareness) Wellbeing (Conscience) CapellaZen is  a FACILITATING platform between knowledge / service seekers (Subscribers) and knowledge/service providers (Experts).[…]

Welcome to CapellaZen Community

Hi there, I am Shilpa Wagh. Chief Facilitator at CapellaZen Community.  To begin with, let’s talk about how CAPELLA ZEN came into existence. I have always been inspired by stories of successful women. I grew up[…]