Pioneers in Women Empowerment

Today Google, India has created a doodle paying tribute to Dr. Rukhmabai Raut, India’s first Woman Physician to practice ‘Medicine’ in colonial India.  Not only is she  remembered for her work in Medicine but ,[…]

How to Participate in CapellaZen for your benefit?

Here we talk about various topics in four categories. Personal Finance (Affluence) Career Management (Independence) Legal Rights (Awareness) Wellbeing (Conscience) CapellaZen is  a FACILITATING platform between knowledge / service seekers (Subscribers) and knowledge/service providers (Experts).[…]

Welcome to CapellaZen Community

Hi there, I am Shilpa Wagh. Chief Facilitator at CapellaZen Community.  To begin with, let’s talk about how CAPELLA ZEN came into existence. I have always been inspired by stories of successful women. I grew up[…]