My Life…My Money…My Plan

For ages, women have been doing fantastic job as home managers. However, when it comes to getting involved into Financial Decisions for household , they shy away and leave it to others to decide. In[…]


  Kamala is a 35 year old divorcee with a son, Shonak, who is  8 years old. She has gone thru lot of emotional turbulence during the process of separation and divorce. She got a[…]

Do you Love …Money?

Oh! What a question to ask?  Who doesn’t love money? Of course we all do.(Leave aside spiritual stalwarts …I am talking about people like you and me with lot of aspirations in life.)  So, we[…]

Can we have it all ? how?

Indra Nooyi mentioned in one of her interviews that women professional can’t have it all.  Nina Lekhi, founder, BAGGIT, writes in her autobiographical book that she disagrees with this statement and surely, Women Professionals CAN[…]